Established since 2007. We are not just building education into people. We are building dreams for a better tomorrow..

About AVS

A private secondary school established out of the conscious zeal to rise above the mediocrity pervades our society, especially the educational sector ….


Admission into the school is determined by a placement at the beginning of the academic session for entry into all the grades except Grades…


Our Curriculum defines the spectrum of experiences a student is exposed to. As such, Adonai Vine School’s curriculum goes synonymous with ….

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Our humble beginning as a school has programmed us into mind of not taking things for granted.

Mr. Okon Ekarika

From The Principal’s Desk

“Not Just ourselves but others” is the motto of Adonai Vine School. These words are prominently written on our landmark water tower, proclaiming to both those outside and those inside our campus grounds that we see the pursuit of academic excellence, intellectual development and human growth in all areas not as ends in themselves, but as directed toward a very particular goal. The inspiration of our educational philosophy and vision is drawn from the life and example of Jesus Christ, who came not to be served but to serve.
To that end every aspect of our academic program and school schedule has been designed in order to develop the qualities of people who are capable of and committed to service. At Adonai Vine School students learn the importance of self-discipline, hard work, sacrifice and perseverance. We encourage our students to set realistic but challenging goals for themselves. The program of studies is very rigorous at Adonai Vine School. Students learn the importance of using their time well in addition to balancing the many other responsibilities of living in a boarding school environment.
First and foremost our students learn what it means to be part of a community and how the well-being of the community depends upon the cooperation of all its members. We emphasize the importance and necessity of always being prepared, always being and doing our best. We encourage our students to be generous, compassionate and helpful.
Of course we are proud of our facilities and faculty. They are among the best to be found in Nigeria, but most importantly we are proud to be a part of the Adonai Vine family that dates back to history. We are also proud of our students and the way they respond to the challenges of our high standards for excellence in all they do. We are preparing young men and women who will be able to make a positive difference in our world, people who will reach out to those less fortunate and bring them God’s love and compassion. Our students are taught to be God fearing fruits to the society and the Kingdom of God.

Why us?

We got the tools

We have excellent facilities and conducive environment for study and academic excellence

Certified Experience

We’ve got certified and experienced teachers and resource persons to guarantee that your ward come out the best.

Standard Curriculum

Our curriculum is of Nigerian and international standard, to make your ward competitive with quality but standard education found  any where in the world