Continuous Assessment indexes in the Form of Classroom Assignment, Test and examinations play the key role in bench-marking and assessing student performance. Thus, the school subscribed to a meticulous and strict policy in administering continuous assessment. The various levels of assessment and the marks allotted to them are as follows;

Assignment 4 20%
Test 3 (middles school) 30%
Test 2 (high school) 20%
Examination 1(middle school) 50%
1 (high school) 60%
  TOTAL: 100%

Merit in the academic term of each session is determined by a terminal average that exceeds 50% including a minimum of credit passes in the core subjects. At the end of the session, benchmarking is derived from an accumulative average of the three (3) terms.
Students who fails to meet up to the cut-off average of fifty percent (50%) are advice to repeat the class with the exception of those in the certificate class of grades 9 (JSS 3) and 12 (SSS 3). A student who repeated in the previous session stands the risk of being withdrawn forthright if it/she fails to meet the cut-up a second time, irrespective of the time, interval between the academic warnings.

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