13 Apr

Every human being on this earth is designed by God to fulfill a certain purpose and be successful. The fulfillment and success in the life of an individual to a great extent is determined by his or her choice of career. The career a person chooses now will greatly affect his or her future. In this article, we will explore the choice of a career or choosing a career.
To start with, let’s define the word ‘‘Career’’. According to the Oxford Advanced Leaner’s Dictionary, ‘‘Career is the series of jobs that a person has in a particular area of work, usually involving more responsibility as time passes: a career in politics, a career in solder, a teaching career etc. ‘‘a career also is a long term or a life-long job. It is the work a person wants to do for a very long time or for the rest one’s life.

No human being on earth knows what tomorrow holds for him or her. As such, one must be deliberate and conscious in the choice he makes. There are thousands and one careers one can pursue in life. They are too numerous we cannot list them all and describe them. Some careers determine, to a great extent, the happiness and sorrows of a man or a women. Therefore, what looks wonderful, glamorous and exciting today may become ordinary, dull and uninteresting tomorrow. To be on the safe-side and avoid mistakes we need to do the following to guide us in our choice of career.

Start with prayer
The most importance part of choosing career is to start with prayers. Praying to one’s maker gives God the opportunity and pleasure to guide him or her. When you with prayer, it shows that you are not proud. Proud feel that they know what is good for them and what they need. Hence they don’t need to ask God for it by praying. Such people suffer very bitter disappointment in life and cannot excel in their profession. Therefore to get a suitable career and one that can be futurist you need to pray to God for direction.

Discover your ability
As one prays to God, he or she must at the same time discover his or her ability. This means you must be sure of what you can do and what interests you.

In our generation today, many people, mostly the youths and teenagers, are wrongly influenced either by parental, environmental, societal and peer pressures to choose a career that is against their ability. Such people spend years training for what they cannot do or be satisfied with. Soon they discover to their dismay that it did not suit their temperament or nature. For to change to another job will take another training and another expense.

So to be at rest and in one’s best interest that you discover your ability or potential and work towards it. A person may not really have succeeded because of the fat account he has in the bank. But, true success is determined by the satisfaction you get from the career you choose. So, you must know what you can do. If for example, you can sing you don’t need to struggle with those who want to be lawyers, doctors engineers etc. All you need is to be focused and consistent. If possible you can go on voice training to enable you be the best you can be.

Apart from discovering your ability, you must be yourself. Some people choose a career because of monetary gains. Only to discover that they are not making the money after all, because they are not suited for the job. Every career has the potential for profit; if you have a talent for it then go for it.

In conclusion, choosing a career also entails training. Every job requires training before a person can be efficient. Therefore, you must give yourself wholly to all the systematic procedures or training that the job requires. You must avoid cutting-corners to reach your goal. Take every step one at a time. Perhaps, you are at the primary or secondary school level now. This is a golden opportunity for you to begin to lay a very good foundation for yourself. Take seriously your education because this may be your only opportunity to obtain a formal education. You must not waste time or your will find yourself beating about the bush.

As children or minors, we may be compelled to submit to a significant ones request in the person of a father or, mother or elderly Kinsman. After all, he who pays the piper calls the tune. However, for any interest one harbours in both academic and non-academic frontiers, education is sacrosanct to survival in it. Therefore, do not despise your parent’s opinion. For your own good invariably is theirs. But in prayer and understanding direct your supplications to God and approach in a very sensible manner showing your passion for the career that is showing your passion for the career that is your heart desire and they will reason with you.

Ewuatu Christian Chukwudi