14 Jun

The monster of the present day society is the degree of unemployment. I am pretty sure that everybody is entitled to his/her opinion. One may look at this monster from different perspectives for instance ‘‘Boko Haram’’ would not have sufficed if there were employment opportunities in a society such as ours.

In the first place, what is unemployment? In my opinion, unemployment can simply be ostracision from activities that one enjoys doing, which can bring income. No wonder today, due to this inadequacy many of our so-called politicians use our unemployed youths as able tools to rig election. Also, due to the vulnerability of our teaming youths, this inadequacy of job opportunities creates the avenue where they are used to cause mayhem.
Therefore, it is paramount at this juncture to look for solutions on how to curtail the dangerous fangs of this monster to the fabric of the society. To achieve this, I am of the opinion that the following should be considered. Government as well as other stake holders should create avenues for job opportunities through meaningful programmes that will empower the citizens.

Secondly, our schools, cutting across all levels of institutions, should strategies practical methods of teaching in the areas of technology. Science and entrepreneurship should be carried out through. Instead of the Stone Age methods learnt from our colonial matters. These crude methods of training and orientating our teaming youths has only bred a generation of unskilled artisan whose work is rejected by well established industries.
It is on record is 2000 (12 years’ ago) that mobile telephone network (MTN) laid off a considerable number of applicants on the grounds that they did not satisfy the basic skill capacity to execute the duties they seek for. Hence, unemployment swells in our ranks.
Thirdly, Government should stop depending on crude oil as the only resource. Thank God, this is country that is endowed with many resources. Government can convert human resource into gainful ventures for this country. For instance, citizens can be empowered to boost the agricultural sector. By so doing employment opportunities are created. This will invariably have a positive effect in curbing the rate of crime and youth restiveness in the country.

More so, agencies that were established and were saddled with the responsibility of tackling corrupt practices such as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (E.F.C.C) and the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (I.C.P.C) should also be proactive in carrying their duties to ensure that corruption is reduced to the barest minimum. On closer inspection, one would discover that these corrupt officials were also employed. Through underhand dubious means. They actually did not possess their offices on merit but through acts of nepotism. The qualified ones are left to linger on the streets unemployed. Thereby becoming willing tools for rapacious politicians to wreak havoc on innocent people in the society. No wonder their escapade continues to elude security forces because they are more educated.

The general consensus among the League of Nations with respect to the economic recession experienced globally is that employment be made a priority by various governments. It is believed that, this is the gradual but sure approach towards restoring the stability of the global economy. Bringing the lessons home to our country Nigeria, this cannot be overemphasized. We need a concerted effort by both the public and private sectors to create opportunities so as to uplift the lot of our youths and masses in general. As we procrastinate in this direction, the wound of unemployment fester the more and likely becomes irreversible.
Written by:

Lamba, Shem Simon
(Chemistry Instructor)