14 Jun

When is a drug said to be abused? A drug is said to be abused when the drug is used for the purposes for which it is not meant. Why are drugs abused?

First, many drugs are originally meant to be used as tranquilizers and pain relievers but many people use them for different purposes especially when committing crimes. For example, anabolic steroids used clinically and under careful supervision is meant to aid bring out delayed puberty, protect blood cells during radiation or chemotherapy among other things but nowadays this drug is used by young boys and girls, female athletes and body builders to enhance their performance. Steroid has a psychological factor such as mental or emotional illness. Some other side effects include breast enlargement in men, liver tumours, stroke, heart disease, etc. Notice, sterility and impotency could be as a result of administering steroids in wrong proportions. Other abused drugs with devastating effect on the body are cocaine, heroin, Indian hemp, etc.

It is also probably true that drug abuse include trafficking and addiction. Drug addiction can be regarded as ‘‘a state of periodic or chronic intoxication produced by the repeated consumption of a drug’’. The use of narcotics, example, opium, etc, by teenagers in insensitive to the real world resulting to atrocious activities ranging from robbing with violence to murder. As a result, a person under the influence of a drug is a threat to life and property and he is also a menace to the society.

Furthermore, many student use drugs to keep them awake at night during examination periods and many feel that drugs can increase their power of retention and thus aid them in passing their examinations. In a society which is examination conscious and certificate oriented, it is not surprising that students got to any length to obtain what the society values as a symbol of achievement.

Again, self medication is another form of drug abuse. It involves treating oneself with the drugs one has very little knowledge about. Some people go about prescribing drugs for themselves and buying drugs they know very little about, thereby prescribing drugs for themselves and buying drugs they know very little about, thereby prescribing drugs for their friends, neighbors, etc. When they are sick instead of advising them to see a doctor. This may result to using a drug which is meant for the treatment of a particular illness in treating another ailment. In the end, the illness persists and in most cases, death arises.

Another form of drug abuse is consulting with quack and unauthorized persons. This arises when people buy drugs from the markets, motor parks, buses, etc. some of the drug pedlars are ignorant of the medicine they sell. If for instance, a sick person goes to consult them, the person in endangering his or her life.

Therefore, drugs should be used on medical advice in order to abate danger since death is the result effect of drug abuse.

Drug Free Club
A.V.S, Jos