Our School

Adonai Vine School is a Christ-centered. Established in 2007, the school is situated in a serene environment at plot PL3505 Kwang Road, Off Gold & Base, Rayfield, Jos

A co-education boarding school, we aim at providing a conducive Christian environment for training youths; Nigerians and other nationals for academic. Your Child is given a complete and functional education that is tailored towards assuming leadership role with ease. He/She is trained to attain full potentials and develop high level of professionalism in any future career

Our gratitude knows no bounds to God Almighty for marking us veritable instruments in His Vineyard. In whatever capacity stewardship is trusted into us.

Adonai Vine School, fondly dubbed. “The vine” is a Christ-centred co-educational boarding school. Established on 2nd October, 2007, it is situation in a serene environment at Plot PL 35805, Kwang Road, off Gold and Base, Rayfield Jos. As a private secondary school established out of the conscious zeal to rise above the mediocrity pervades our society, especially the educational sector, the school endeavours to pool together the broadest of minds into harnessing the students God-given potentials for the growth of God’s kingdom on earth. We believe faithfulness to this cause is sure to engender leadership qualities borne out of discipline, love and respect for fellow humans and justice to all.


To offer world class secondary education to boys and girls in a conducive learning environment,with comfortable boarding facilities. To nurture and produce God fearing fruit for a better society.


To honour and glorify God;and to offer excellent secondary education, as well as imbibe biblical character, for a better society; and for His kingdom.

…Not just ourselves, but others.

The Host Community

Our goal is simply to furnish the vineyard of the Lord with Labourers ready and capable to do His will in every facet of our immediate and wider society. We believe that there are not accidents or coincidences in life but all things happen (or not) in accordance to God’s divine design. We therefore see our presence in the present locality of Kwang as our Samaria to test our resolve in pursuing our lofty objectives. Hence in cognizance of this fact, and the vital role education plays towards national development, the school offers scholarship awards national development, the school offers scholarship awards annually to a student-child of the community.

Our students

Groomed and nurtured in the realm of the unflickering light of the Lord; by imparting in them a qualitative education rivaling the very best as obtained in any part of the globe. To inculcate into the generation of the future, the sterling virtues of love, harmony and respect for humanity as exemplified by Christ. Released to fit into larger society and also the Lord’s vineyard.

Our instructors….

Emanating attributes deserving of true role models, imparting the content-rich refined instruction that is poised to unleash the full potentials of the student. Instructors whose work will deepen by the day due to participation in management sponsored seminars and workshops aims at developing their professional capacities.

We believe in team work. Therefore parents and management of Adonai Vine have a close relationship. Together we bring about noble ideas, suggestions and decisions that promote academic excellence and total well-being of our students.

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