• Schools all across the world are starting to reopen, as countries lift their lockdowns.
  • Various measures have been put in place, from social distancing to staggered school times, to keep students safe and reduce the likelihood of transmitting germs.

Here’s how we as a school are trying to protect children as they return back to school:

Social distancing measures

Teaching staff are under instruction to keep social distancing in place between children, same thing with many school buildings.

Face masks, hand sanitizers and washing of hands

Students are mandated to wear face masks and also carry with them pocket sized hand sanitizers. There are also multiple points of hand washing centers placed strategically through the classes and hostels.

Testing and temperature checks

Students and staff alike are required to enter the school building via a thermal scanner.

Adonai Vine School is fully prepared to put the health of its staff and student body front and center in our daily operations.