13 Apr

It is an indisputable fact we are living in a modern age of scientific discoveries. These discoveries will not make any significant impact unless they are practically applied in various fields of human endeavour. There is a great need for a paradigm shift from being theoretical to being pragmatic. The practical application of scientific discoveries is called technology will involve the practical display of skills to provide solutions to problems that pay confront the society. Infect none of the 774 Local Governments in Nigeria or the 36 States, including the Federal Capital Territory, in Abuja can make any progress unless it promotes technical education. It vocation and technical Education.

It vocation and technical education (VTE) is therefore a branch of education that concerned comes under the branch of vocational education. Which deals with practical things in the field of agriculture, has as a motto the training of the total child to enable him/her.

Compete favourably with their contemporaries in technical colleges, poly techniques Universities and other citadels of higher learning in the country and beyond the shores of Nigeria, especially when it comes to the practical display of skills in solving problems. It is in this light that the department of vocation and technology was formed.

The department of vocation and technology has subjects that will help to discipline students technically and vocationally. The subjects includes for the high school.
1. Technical Drawing
2. Agricultural Science
3. Computer Education
4. Foods and Nutrition
5. Fine Arts

For the Middles School

1. Agricultural Science
2. Business Studies
3. Computer Studies
4. Creative Arts
5. Home Economics
6. Introductory Technology

With the many challenging confronting the educational sector, for which finance plays a dominant role, vocation and technology gives the average individual the fighting chance to achieve self actualization without necessarily satisfying the utopian standards set by other theoretical disciplines. Many have found their calling into self employed enterprises becoming producers of products and services without depending on other big conglomerates. This is the driving force behind the progress of small and medium scale enterprises (SME). A prerequisite to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goal (MDGs)

By Samuel Dazi Danboyi
HOD Vocation and Technology